And then in the future, everything changes. He’s been through it all, of course-watched humanity rediscover the heavens above them, watched them begin to wonder what’s out there. He cheered with the rest of the world when they landed on the moon, cheered as if he’d found Isla de la Muerta all over again, because there was something new. New treasure, a new horizon. But then they stop going, stop exploring, and he goes back to riding tankers across the rising seas. So he’s surprised when one day he wakes up from a night with his bottle of rum (his truest companion), and hears that there’s colonies on Mars now, and they need ships to supply them. He spends the next decade crafting new identities, learning all he can to qualify for the job, and after several tries (and even more faked deaths-this immortality thing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be in the age of the inerasable digital self) he gets it. The ships go nearly constantly now, the needs of the terraforming project creating an unbroken line of vessels from Mars to Earth and back again. “Show me that horizon,” he whispers to himself, his personal prayer of thanksgiving, each time they leave orbit, because the worlds, the stars are in motion and it’s never the same, with nearly three years for a round trip the ports are always different, even if they keep the old names. And finally one trip something goes wrong with the reactor, they’re too low on power and have to deploy the backups, and Jack (Lucky Jack, they call him, for he survives too many things he shouldn’t but science has yet to accept that maybe some things weren’t old wives’ tales after all) goes out for the spacewalk to bring up the solar panels. And as they rise, geometric patterns black against the sun’s glare, he’s struck by a powerful sense of déjà vu, because it’s all here-wind and sails, a ship beneath his feet and stars above his head, horizon in all directions. He wonders, for a moment, if the reason he’s still here is because the universe wanted a witness, to mourn the end of one age of exploration, and rejoice in the birth of the next.

Thank you for writing this. It made me cry, but oh I am so relieved to see the yearning for the stars.

That shouldn’t have given me as many feels as it did… 

'The world is still the same, just less in it'

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nothing is impossible when the pirates of the caribbean theme plays in the background 

#ahahahahaha NO  #because potc is about the ways people become pirates—and it’s always wanting that drive them there  #that’s what piracy is about—the chance to chase that wanting; to cut corners and simply aim yourself at what you desire  #but you have to want; you have to want so badly and relentlessly that you will get blood and tar beneath your nails and forsake all claim to  #land and family and sanity and safety  #and elizabeth’s arc is the story of her slowly cutting those ties; of discovering and becoming this creature who can simply chart her way to  #the horizon; who can aim herself at her desires and take and damn all else  #she wants Will and so she marries him; dresses up as a man to go after him; offers herself to barter him back  #she wants to live; to survive; and so she chains Jack to the mast because there is no other way  #and when she wants a war—when she wants to challenge the might of the East India Company for the freedom of the seas—then she becomes a Pirate King and orders her men into battle  #the governor’s daughter who was choked by a corset in the first movie leads an army against the mighty economic and social power of the British Empire in the last  #the movies are her journey; not Jack’s or Will’s  #they are her learning to say ‘bring me that horizon’  #(also I love that Jack always saw her for what she was; her capacity for wanting and destruction)  #(also guess who cut her out of the corset in the first place?) (notbecauseofvictories)

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I’ve always loved Will’s split second face of “Barbossa? What the fuck? When was he an option?!”

and then there’s Barbossa’s reaction. omg

“What the fuck? Elizabeth? Barbossa? Elizabeth, what- oh. OH. Oh, I get it now!”

But really, let’s imagine Elizabeth telling Will no, and just going off with Barbossa to run a badass pirate armada.


i love barbossa he just??? he started out as whoa scary intimidating bad guy trying to kill will and elizabeth so scary but by the third film will and elizabeth are like yo barbossa ‘sup you should totally marry us we’re buddies now and he just??? does

i lov e barbossa he went from villain to like weird uncle

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 Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me

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Did you know that this scene was entirely unscripted? Johnny Depp just kinda went with this and no one stopped him, so the reactions’ on the other actors’ faces are their actual reactions to Depp’s shenanigans.

makes the scene 100000 times better omfg

you can even see orlando glancing at the people behind the camera as if asking what is going on 

johnny depp is my spirit animal

This is gold

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AU → Jack Sparrow and Hook meet up