halloween town forms

⌊ limit, final & master

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Telling you about my hype for Kingdom Hearts like




remember when gameinformer voted sora as the 4th biggest dork of 2006

it’s like i’m 15 again

It’s still true 8 years later.


KH TRIOS  Donald + Mickey + Goofy (x)

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Simple and Clean is truly magical because never before has a song made me so emotional while making the least amount of sense imaginable

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Kingdom Hearts Click-and-Drag Game

Where are you from: Neverland
Your keyblade: Ultima Weapon
Your party: Riku
Your transportation: Keyblade Glider
Your form: Wisdom
Your final boss: Sephiroth

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I just thought I should put all my KH pendants in one post, and I also added an extra - Paopu fruit! I made the image for the Paopu fruit a while ago, it’s one of my digital painting works. I thought of adding this one as a pendant as well. :) I made another version for the heartless symbol as well, because I thought the old one wasn’t exactly fitting with all my other KH pendants.

Also, I have some other ideas for KH other than symbols, but I’m unsure if I should make them. What do you guys think?

Pendants by Trinket Geek

Heartless  - Ultimania Trinity Spirit Dream Eater - Nightmare Dream Eater - Unversed - Nobody

Paopu Fruit Pendant


Guys, with all the speculation about who the Keyblade Guardians of Light are, there’s one keyblade wielder we’ve neglected to mention